Four rescue dogs

These four dogs had very rough starts to their lives. Their sweet souls endured circumstances no animal should ever face, but they've found a loving happy home with the nicest, most caring couple ever.

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We did their photo shoot in their own backyard. After the sun set, we moved inside and I set up a little studio in their living room. Meet Hiney, Tiny, Skamp, and Baby.


Their family has a huge yard with so much space for them to romp and play. Their pet parents wanted a shot of Skamp and Baby running across their property.


Baby is really apprehensive so she kept her distance from me. The fact that I got a quick pat in by the end of our time together meant she must have started to trust me. When we first met for our planning session, Baby was very skeptical of me but when she saw how nice I was to Skamp she started warming up to me. By the time our photo shoot rolled around she was back to being a bit leery of me and my camera, but she came around. I was particularly excited that she let me get this portrait and the group portrait on the black background.

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One more of Skamp running straight for me. He has a permanent smile on his face, and with this beautiful yard and a three furry siblings to play with and doting parents and a warm bed at night, it's no wonder he's a happy boy now.

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