Dog eyeglasses

I wrote about this puppy session before, and during our in-person consultation, I spotted a couple books about vizslas in the owners' home. With that in mind, I thought this would make for an adorable shot. I went to the library and also dug out some of my own books to add to the stack that Kona is reading!

dog eyeglasses columbus ohio

I felt adding some eyeglasses would make for a more studious and adorable photo, but there was something missing from the portrait when I added these in Photoshop. It was just a straight pair of eyeglasses with tape on them. What was missing were shadows - I took a regular photo of eyeglasses and they looked super fake. When I added some arms to the glasses, liquify the puppy's ears a little to make it look like the glasses are wrapping around her head, and add shadows like crazy because there's a bright light in front of her, VOILA!