Dog at the ballet

Oh my goodness, where to begin with this photo shoot? Bentley is a two-year-old rescue dog who is a lot mastiff, a little pitbull, and 100% lovebug. His mom contacted me because they've been together one year and she wanted a photo shoot to celebrate how much they've been through. Bentley had a rough start to life and has found himself a happy home with a loving mom.

From the moment we met, Bentley was all about giving me excited kisses. I love that! Licking doesn't bother me one bit. Bentley's mom had to pull him down a few times because he's agentle giant who was too happy to jump right up and say hi!

dog photography columbus ohio

There's nothing better than when a client comes to me with a vision for their dog's photo shoot and asks if I can execute it. Here, the idea was a black and white themed type of shoot, with the two of them getting ready to go to a black tie gala. I predicted that Bentley would look debonair just being himself, and his mom looked AMAZING in that little black dress and dressy high heels with the ribbon criss-crossing the ankles. More on those shoes in a second....

bentley and the blonde

Taking a minute to snuggle and comfort Bentley as he got a little stressed. He did so well! He just needed a second to regroup.


A sweet embrace!


Speaking of criss-crossed ribbons on shoes... A fast change and we're into ballerina mode! Bentley was so patient as we got this shot set up. In our consultation, his mom mentioned she loves Degas and ballet dancers and does ballet herself. I LOVED her idea of putting some ballet shoes into the shot. Even better that she wanted a shot where she's en pointe!


Beautiful boy was so cooperative that he let us drape the ballet shoes around his neck...but just for one shot! Luckily it worked. A split second later he was out of there to take a break.


One final shot for Mr. Bentley. We switched out backdrops and I knew he's look wonderful against the dark gray. We wound up with SO many shots that it was hard to choose my absolute favorites for this blog post.

All of these shots were taken in Bentley's own house! I came to his place with a lot of equipment and lights and a wagon full of stuff, and we achieved his mom's vision for a ballet / black tie gala kind of look in his own home. Bentley is a special boy and I'm so glad they picked Browning Photo to celebrate their first adoptiversary. May there be many happy years ahead to the two of them!

Want to create a beautiful look within the comfort of your own home? Contact me now - I'd love to hear your ideas for an awesome photo shoot!