Deputy Mattis and Radar

As I wrote about previously, Deputy Mattis from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office has an older brother, Radar. They have matching collars that say their respective names on them and Deputy Metz wanted a portrait showcasing both of their collars. They were good boys and stayed put while Deputy Metz bribed them with stinky delicious treats then stepped aside for a second while I snapped this photo.

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This backlit shot really shows how bright and happy this evening was. They did such a good job - we were asking a lot of them!


Radar and Mattis deserved a good break after sitting so long. Radar was super thirsty for his water but Mattis was having none of it - too busy sniffing!


This portrait of the two boys captures their natural expressions. Mattis usually does have his mouth closed and Radar seemed to keep a smile on his face. Good boys!


Another mouth closed from Mattis and happy smile from Radar. I didn't realize Radar is three years old. Deputy Metz had mentioned she had an older dog and I assumed Radar was a senior citizen. Nope, he's barely an adult dog. They're both wonderful!