Darn that weather!

As I wrote about previously, the organization Professional Photographers of America was going to send me and four other photographers to Washington, D.C. to speak to members of Congress and staffers about an important bill coming up that has a direct impact on the industry. Everything looked great - the cherry blossoms were going to peak right in the middle of our trip, we had photo excursions planned, it was going to be fun. Then the weather happened. Right now a nor'easter is barreling down the coast and is going to dump 5"-8" on our nation's capital just as we were all arriving. Thankfully PPA has postponed the trip and we'll all get the chance to visit DC in May. There better not be snow then!

I was looking forward to taking beautiful photos of cherry blossoms at their peak, but mother nature had the final say-so. DC is fabulous in May and I'm looking forward to a much warmer trip then.