Black poodle puppy

black poodle puppy

Whiskey was a two-year-old black poodle who was tragically taken before his time. I met him last year and photographed him and his four dog brothers. Whiskey was the baby of the family, which made the shock of losing him so much harder on his people. I dug through my archives and for the longest time could not place my hands on any other pictures of him that his family didn't have. After a year, when I was cleaning out an old hard drive backup, I clicked on the date that I knew I had photographed his family and all the raw files suddenly appeared. I can't guarantee I keep every image for all time, because digital files just are not archival like prints, but on this occasion I had an extra shot of Whiskey I could surprise his family with. The original print his family has is a profile shot of Whiskey looking at his owner off camera. I found this image of Whiskey looking right at me and oh my goodness, doesn't he look like a puppy?

Whiskey's people now have this updated portrait, custom framed by Browning Photo. It's so wonderful to know they cherish their dog's final portrait, and I hope they find some comfort in seeing their beautiful baby boy's face one last time, until they meet again someday.

Bill and Belinda Cox with frame cropped.jpg

They loved it! The frame complements Whiskey's portrait perfectly and they have picked out the perfect spot to hang their artwork.

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