Black lab at sunset

When I photograph nothing but black labs for several weeks in a row, is that a sign of something? Does it mean a black lab is in my future? Does it mean there was a full moon, or is that just for black cats? Onyx, whose nickname very fittingly is King Onyx, is a 116-pound black lab. His mother was a purebred lab with papers but his father was a lab mix, so Onyx must have some giant dog as an ancestor! He's sweet as can be.

columbus ohio dog photography

Onyx's mom contacted me to set up a birthday photo shoot. She wanted to celebrate his 9th birthday shoot on the actual day of his birth, so I felt honored to spend his birthday with him!


Onyx isn't spoiled AT ALL. Every year on his birthday, and this day was no exception, he eats a big country breakfast, he visits the pet store to pick out whatever toy he wants, they go to Dairy Queen for ice cream together, and then that evening he was getting his usual birthday dinner - Texas Roadhouse steak! That sounds like a delicious day for a hearty eater!


We wound up with SO many great portraits so I have to pick just a few. This final shot of them at sunset stands out to me because we caught the pink sky setting on the lake and it shows the loving relationship between them.

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