Belgian shepherd at Sunrise

Oh what a beautiful morning! Meet Master, an amazing all-black boy.

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Look at this gorgeous creature! Master is two years old and was born in Italy. His family has had many Belgian shepherds over the years. It's their favorite breed, and I see why they enjoy Master so much. He's super high energy but quick to listen to commands. His owner said they're just neat dogs -- agreed!


Master looks right at home amongst this field of wildflowers. His owner said this was the best test of his obedience lessons since we had him holding long sits and stays. A couple times I had a toy or treat out and he couldn't contain himself and charged! I was looking in my camera those times and suddenly I see this big black blur hurl right into me. It's like the sideview windows on cars say - Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear!

Master's owner (his master?) and I were talking about black dogs and she was glad to have photos of him that show him off, since black dogs can sometimes be a challenge in photography. I always use professional portable lighting, even outdoors and even in full sunshine, to make sure black dogs get the best portrait possible!

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