Worthington Boston terriers

Eight-year-old Ellie was still getting used to her new brother, seven-year-old Zeus, when I photographed them at their home and in Old Worthington. Zeus is the sweetest little boy and had been adopted about a month prior to our photo shoot. Ellie definitely has the bigger personality and has taken to bossing him around a little. At one point Ellie walked over and head-butted him. Poor Zeus! I absolutely love when I get to know dogs and see their personalities come out.

columbus dog photography

Ellie just carries herself like an older sister. I love her attitude in this photo. Her family refers to her as Grumpy Cat. I can see that. That expression is priceless.


Their family is Ohio State fans, so naturally the buckeye crate had to make an appearance. I also had this bowtie in scarlet and gray so it suited the two of them perfectly. Their family loved that Ellie is sitting in the box because she's (ahem) gained a little weight due to a dog sitter giving them lots of extra treats. She carries it well! I couldn't tell at all. But they say black is slimming, right?


And now a family photo that includes the humans. The stone wall and greenery looks great as a backdrop. I had never photographed people in Old Worthington before, so this was a fun treat.


After a bunch of photos all over Old Worthington, it was back to the house in Columbus where we did some indoor shots. One of my favorite angles is the "bird's eye view" - that's how I write it in my list of shots that I keep with me. It's just a cute way to memorialize exactly how the dogs look when they're looking up waiting (sometimes impatiently) for a treat. I had to watch myself with these two. Ellie is a jumper! I was in danger of being head-butted or getting puppy smudges on my lens if I didn't grab the shot and get out of the way. Treats were coming!


And finally, a beautiful portrait of brother and sister. Ellie on the left, Zeus on the right. I love black and white anyway, so dramatic shots like this are my favorite.

Thanks for being such good dog models, Ellie and Zeus! I loved every minute of our time together.

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