Watercolor golden retriever

In a prior blog post I posted this lovely golden retriever named Drummer. One thing I really enjoy is creating digital watercolors. It's not an app on a cell phone that makes it look like a watercolor, but rather an actual digital watercolor portrait that I do by hand - or rather, with my Wacom tablet and Wacom drawing pen. Each one is custom made and unique to that pet. I love sitting down and playing with finished photographs creating a new look and feel for a portrait.

columbus dog photography

Here is a close-up of this golden retriever's face. Even printed on standard matte paper, it looks like it was created on watercolor. And of course I always add in some paw prints for a fun extra touch.


Thanks for the smile, Drummer! You're awfully handsome.

Want a watercolor portrait of your pup? Contact me right now! I am happy to create custom pieces.