Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater

For this week in the 52-week dog photography blog challenge, it's Ugly Christmas Sweaters! I can't wait to see what everyone photographed lately.

I must put on a disclaimer - I believe the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" became an ironic trend a few years back, so it's actually cool to wear a really tacky or garish holiday sweater nowadays! We mean no offense saying a sweater is ugly, and not all of these are ugly by any means. So some dog sweaters may be ironic or some may be sincere, but all these sweaters are awesome because they're on some pretty amazing pups.

blog 1500w.jpg

This shar pei was WOUND UP. She looks so serious but she was all over the place excited. It was a miracle I caught this shot of her looking in my direction. The costume and the star hat that her family brought her in maybe got her a little too excited for holiday photos! I love that little wrinkly face.

blog 1500w-18.jpg

The only downside of seeing SO many dogs is that I didn't have a chance to properly snuggle this little black puppy. I couldn't believe he kept on his cap and the little matching socks the whole time! His big brother the yellow retriever had on a quilted sweater that I didn't get a chance to see much of but it's equally festive.

blog 1500w-26.jpg

And then we have Miss Ellie. This girl is a PARTY ANIMAL, excuse the pun. We have other photos of her looking at the camera, but her little matching sequined hat doesn't show up as well in those. This photo shows off her ensemble. I have no idea where her family found this kicky Santa hat but I want an adult one for myself.

Thanks to the 250+ dogs who came out to PetPeople in December for holiday portraits! We had a blast seeing some really lovely holiday sweaters and some amazingly ugly Christmas sweaters on very sweet dogs. Be sure to check out the next pet photography blog by Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!