This week's blog challenge is "Texture." Whether that means fur or fabric or texture of the image itself, it's up to us.

I decided this photo of Colby on the couch with her paws crossed - ever the lady, that one - would be a fun photo to turn into a painting. I added a canvas texture to mimic the effect of painting on a real canvas like one of the old Masters.

dog photography columbus ohio painting

Colby is a classic beauty. Watch out, Venus and Mona Lisa.

Here is a close-up of her profile to show the neat effect of the texture. It's especially prominent in those areas of white in front of the window.

texture dog

I might like the close-up better than the full image! It's a neat effect, especially when the dog is facing away from the camera, but I think I prefer sharp photographs of dogs and people when they're looking straight into the camera. The special effects are a nice change, especially in a profile shot or a wide full-body shot.

For any of you artistic folks reading, is there a principle in art that explains this, or is it just personal preference?  I feel the same way about black and white images - I like black and white when the subject is looking away from the camera, but for most photographs I like dogs in full vibrant color.

We're in week eight of the blog challenge - up next is Dog Biscuit Photos in Dallas, Texas. Keep clicking through and you'll wind up back here!