Senior dogs at home

Maggie and Lulu are 9- and 10-year-old senior pups whose mom told me about her sweet chocolate lab and her Jack Russell-mix. We talked a few minutes and she booked a session on the spot. I couldn't wait to meet her two dogs. On to the photos!

dog photography columbus ohio

Christmas lights are a big challenge because it's difficult to keep the bulbs illuminated and glowing but still bring light onto the subject in front of the tree. Plus it's hard to keep pups interested when there's so much other stuff going on!


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - those are paw prints coming off the Christmas tree. It's not the lights, but a little technique that I love doing to make Christmas lights a little more dog-specific for pet portraits.


I had to do the same technique for Maggie's pawtrait - forgive the pun!


Maggie is a doll. She's simply the sweetest most gentle little thing. She's only 45 pounds, which is so small for a full grown Labrador retriever. Chocolate labs just happen to be my husband's favorite breed (okay, along with yellow labs and doodles and German shepherds).


I can't stop looking at her sweet, beautiful face. Maggie (as well as Lulu, actually) was a shelter dog and has obviously found the best home ever. Her family simply adores her.

Lulu is well-loved too but she's more of the joker of the pair. She kept us laughing with her fun little personality. At one point when we were taking Maggie's portrait Lulu went under the tree and just stared at us, completely photobombing Maggie's official holiday portrait.


This was a special watercolor I created. I photographed Maggie and Lulu at different times and later created this art for the wall. Love how it turned out!

Clearly these are pampered pooches and I love spending a few hours getting to know them. This was a great indoor photo shoot and it let the dogs stay in the comfort of their own home surrounded by the familiar things they love most.

Have you tried photographing your dog by the Christmas tree? It's not as easy at it looks! I'd love to create holiday portraits of your best friend. Contact me now!