Poodles in Sunbury Ohio

With warm weather, business has picked up and I've not been as involved in the 52-week dog photography challenge as I'd been over the cold months. I saw that this week's challenge coincided with perfectly with a photo shoot I had last night. That's usually never my luck!

This week's theme is Low Key, which means photographing in a darker, more subdued style. These three standard poodles are obedience champions and were wonderful to work with. One is white and two are black, although at first glance the two pictures below might look like the same dog.

dog photography columbus ohio

Such a champ! For 14 years old, he had a lot of fun chasing his brothers in the yard.

poodles in sunbury ohio
poodles in sunbury ohio 2

I decided to do black-on-black to keep a dramatic, low key look. I did have gray paper but it wasn't getting a dark enough look for my taste so I was glad I had brought a huge piece of black fleece. I took the fabric and draped it over the backdrop stand. This dog in particular was so obedient that he didn't move a muscle as I walked all around him and adjusted fabric and lights. He has enough ribbons and medals to show for it, too!

The third and final dog! He's the puppy of the group and was very energetic when he wasn't "working" for me. Once he was in place and had his game face on, he was all business. He's a little darker and doesn't have a blue cast in his coat like his brother. They're all wonderful and I was so glad to meet this trio of poodles!

poodles in sunbury 3

But wait, I need to feature one last one. My husband loves this photo (see below) so I agreed to post it here too. It's another dramatic, black on black look, although I took it against a gray paper backdrop. I love the ease of paper rolls but they're hard to travel with and they always get torn! I know it's easy to tear off and start anew, but using about four yards of paper and tossing it after one use from a twenty-yard roll gives me heartburn! Sure enough, on my first time using this roll one of the pups backed into it and punched his toenails right through it. It happens to me every time! It must be good luck - maybe!

Up next with a take on low key lighting is Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia. Keep clicking through the blogs and you'll see lots of dog photography and will wind up back here. Thanks for reading!