Natural light

One benefit in taking part of the 52 week photography challenge is pushing myself to try new angles, new ideas, and new locations. I didn't realize until this week's theme that it would challenge me by taking me BACK to where I started - and it's not easy!

This week we're featuring dogs in natural light. I spent the first year with my camera taking photos of anything I could in natural light, whether it was my own pup, a child, or a family. One reason it's so difficult now is that I typically use flash for everything and I can control for any kind of light in any kind of scene. I have super bright strobes, low-power speedlights, and every kind of modifier I can think of to prepare for all kinds of lighting situations. Natural light is its own beast because it's a lot of accounting for the right time of day, the right amount of shade, the perfect angle of subject, or the right quality of light.

columbus ohio dog photography indoor

My secret when I have to photograph in natural light is getting close to the largest softbox I can find - a window! Here's Colby looking like a diva. She is a friendly, sweet, happy, goofy, clingy dog 99% of the time...until the camera comes out. Then she develops an attitude with me. She doesn't like to work! This look reminds me of the model who said she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 or something like that. Colby looks like she won't get out of bed for fewer than 10,000 bones.

We're in the 52-week dog photography challenge, so you can see more natural light photos from Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people. Keep clicking through everyone's blog entries and you'll make your way back here. Thanks for reading!