Marysville dog photography

If you've read back to other posts in my blog you know that I love boxers. I love their faces and their sweet disposition. I get very excited when I spot a boxer around town. My husband, on the other hand, loves German shepherds. He's totally smitten. The stars aligned when we met Valerie at Wag Fest and were so excited when she told us about her boxer and her German shepherd--Rocky, the old man, and Setimo, the younger brother. Valerie wanted to schedule a session at home in a familiar setting. She and her husband live in Marysville so it was a bit up the road from Columbus but I was more than happy to make the dogs feel more comfortable. Meet the sweetheart boxer, Rocky.

columbus dog photography

When I told Valerie the shot I wanted to take, I said 'Now let's get one of you snuggling your boyfriend.' Her husband laughed and said yep, that's what she calls him.

rocky the boxer-1

Maybe one of my favorite pictures I've taken in a long time. I love her crinkled nose and eyes because I do the same thing when I'm not sure where doggie kisses are going to land! It's the look of happiness and the connection between these two that totally makes this photograph.

Okay, enough about Rocky. I have to give Setimo some love because look at this handsome boy hamming it up for the camera.

rocky the boxer-2
rocky the boxer-3

Look at this good looking crew! As we were in position for this shot, their little neighbor who's just three years old started excitedly shouting their names to get their attention. It was really cute, and what well-behaved dogs to work through the distractions.

rocky the boxer-4

Another shot of sweet Rocky. His people love that bubble hanging off his jowl in this picture. I had thought of taking it out in post-processing of the photos but decided against it. I'm glad I left it in. They were delighted with this shot and said that's completely Rocky.

rocky the boxer-5

Finally, this was a shot I did in the middle of their living room. I love how it turned out. Rocky and Setimo were so cooperative and I'm thrilled that their humans love the photos.

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