German shepherd puppy up for adoption

This handsome boy is up for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter. What a winning grin! And look at those pearly white teeth! He's either very young or has been brushing and flossing diligently. I usually photograph more than a dozen dogs during an afternoon at the animal shelter and there are so many different looks and personalities that it's hard to feature just one pup! But for time's sake, here's this beautiful German shepherd.

animal shelter columbus ohio

As anyone would expect, the personalities of the dogs at the animal shelter run the gamut - some are unsure, some are downright frightened, some are in pain recovering from surgery, some are suspicious of my camera or standing on a white plastic backdrop in front of a strange light. This handsome pup kept giving me the best smile, and when one ear went up at the sound of the squeaker, I knew it was going to be an awesome shot! I removed the person standing to his left (at the right of this photo) and his leash and the treats scattered around the mat in front of his paws. He had some eye goobers that got cleaned up in Photoshop, but that's standard treatment. The rest is just natural beauty. I doubt he will be in the shelter long because he is seriously loveable!