Franklin County Sheriff canine

Mattis K. Nine is a yellow Labrador retriever who just joined the Franklin County Sheriff's Office as a therapy dog in training. Three-month-old Mattis is probably the youngest and cutest addition to the force!

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At 27 pounds, he's gaining weight quickly, as puppies should. Look at this growing boy! When he padded over to me to say hello, his paws almost seemed too big for him.

Mattis' deputy knew she wanted some photos with her hat, since unfortunately Mattis doesn't have his own uniform yet. He's still in training, but someday soon he'll graduate and be a full-fledged member of the force!


This photo was a difficult shot to get, just because Mattis is still so little! We finally got the strap under his chin and had to have his deputy hold the hat in place since it kept flopping onto his face. Then the challenge was removing the deputy's hands and legs from this shot! It worked out and I'm so glad because I love him wearing the hat with the Sheriff's star visible.


I thought this pose of Mattis looking up at his deputy would be a good image, especially to look back on when he's fully grown! He looks so little and sweet sitting at her feet, patiently waiting for instructions or to hear about their next assignment.


And of course some of the best shots are people with their pets. This was my first police dog photo shoot and it's no different - it's so important to capture that bond between human and animal, deputy and canine, mom and her little boy.

Mattis' deputy had mentioned that we could incorporate her cruiser into the photos - how cool is that? She turned on the lights and I photographed Mattis sitting in front of the Ohio barn peeking out from the passenger seat of her cruiser.


I love this photo of them standing in front of the cruiser. Mattis was getting a little tired from all the excitement and his deputy picked him up. You can see the blue from her cruiser lights illuminates her hair and Mattis is giving me a sleepy look through heavy eyelids.


Big head tilt!


I can't leave out this shot of Mattis. Look at his sweet puppy face!

His eyes have so much expression. He's going to make a fantastic therapy dog. He listened well and was patient and attentive.

Service dogs are amazing, selfless creatures who just want to please others. Mattis will be providing comfort to victims, relatives of deceased people, and other members of our community on the worst days of their lives. What a big help he is, just by being himself.

Thank you, Mattis and Deputy Metz!!


The Pet Photography 52-week challenge this week is "Blue." It's always fun to see the various different interpretations of the theme that other photographers come up with each week. This week my interpretation for blue seemed fitting for a police officer and her new dog.

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UPDATE: Check out Mattis' one-year-on-the-force portraits!

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