Franklin county rescue dog

Lev was a shelter dog who was rescued from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. He is two years old and his family wanted outdoor portraits to capture him "in the bloom of youth," as they put it.

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Look at how well he did! His family was worried about him maybe running away when he was off leash so we kept the leash on and just took it out with the magic of Photoshop. Lev's human sister stood right behind me and helped grab his attention at the perfect moment. Great job, Lev! The rest of his photos are with his humans so I'm not sharing them on the internet. Just Lev, who clearly brought his A game to his portrait session. As the photos went on, he got more and more animated, and I got some priceless shots of him yawning right in the middle of his family's formal portraits, and licking his human sister's face. Those funny and sweet shots make for the most treasured portraits!

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