Franklin County animal shelter photography

Today was one of the most perfect days I can remember in a long time. Despite icy sleet and a general malaise in the air, it was a great day. I started before dawn with an hour at the gym, took my baby to a fun music class, and then spent a few hours this afternoon with homeless dogs at the Franklin County Animal Shelter, in Columbus Ohio. I had never been there, and I am certain that I will be going back. It was so fast-paced and fun and the volunteers were so appreciative of having the portraits taken of the dogs. It felt wonderful to play with dogs and do some good on a very dreary winter day.

pet photography columbus ohio

This black lab puppy against the white background seemed perfect for the 52 Week challenge. The theme this week is black and white, so it wasn't hard turning this photo into a black and white portrait. Those eyes! I love him. The toughest thing was not taking each dog home with me. If Colby was dog-friendly I'd have a house full of canines. These puppy's eyes keep speaking out to me. It takes all my willpower not to go back and load up my car with every one of them! The rest of the photos I took (in color) are up on the Franklin County Animal Shelter website.

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