Double Sunrise

Oh boy, it was an early start to get this shot but so worth it!

My alarm went off at 5:10 AM... and 5:12 AM... and 5:14 AM. Yes, I programmed a total of five alarms to wake me up to make sure I wasn't late to this photo shoot! I couldn't fall asleep the night before this shoot out of excitement to meet Master, a Belgian shepherd, so by the time we met for portraits in the early morning hours I was running on just three hours of sleep. Luckily photographing dogs as handsome as this boy gives me an extra boost of adrenaline.

The 52-week Pet Photography Project challenge for this week was Reflection. We caught the sun coming up over the water and I angled the camera to catch this double sunrise - one sun over the treetops, and one sun as a reflection in the water. When Wendy tipped her head to gaze at Master, it formed a little circle under her chin to create a second burst of light mirroring the rays above. This might be my favorite photograph I've ever taken.

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