Dogs at sunset

Meet Samantha and Snoopy. Both lab-pit mixes, these two are the ultimate complementary siblings. Samantha is more independent and Snoopy is more of a love-bug couch-potato snuggler.

columbus dog photography

We met up on a gorgeous fall evening for family photos. I couldn't help but take some dramatic photos of just the two of these dogs. Just look at them in front of this Ohio barn. I love the angle and how the bicentennial logo stretches across the barn.


Boy these dogs are muscular. Not an ounce of fat on them, I don't think. Can you tell what's on my mind as my own dog tipped the scales at the vet last week? Colby needs more walks, fewer treats.


One last photo in the field of purple flowers. I have an arsenal of squeaky toys and such to get that adorable head tilt at just the right second. This was the last photo we took because the light from sunset dropped of very quickly. Great job, Samantha and Snoopy!

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