Dog movie poster

columbus dog photography

I was sorting through photographs that I had finished editing for Toby and Gunner's family when I paused on this photo as I thought, wow that looks like it could be a movie poster! After the thought occurred to me, of course I couldn't do anything else until it was created.

The hardest part was that I shot this in landscape, so to get a portrait-oriented movie poster I had to add sky and grass and crop both sides. Then I added text, which took forever! I had to find the perfect font and decide what to put on the poster. The final touch was the critics' reviews on the side. Notice the reviews from the the Chicago Tribone and Entertainmutt Weekly. I can't help it - I'm a sucker for canine puns!

I created this at 16x20 size so it will look fantastic on the wall like a real movie poster. Their owners love it!

(The print doesn't have a watermark on it, just the digital I'm sharing here - you know never if this could go viral or Hollywood decides to make a real movie starring these two handsome boys! Actually now that I'm reflecting on it, if I do another movie poster in the future for different clients and different dogs I might make the director Barkin' Scorsese. HA!)

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