Dog magazine cover

For a while I've had this idea in the back of my head but had to wait until I'd found the perfect dog and perfect confident pose. It wasn't as easy as I'd thought! Dogs are usually on all fours and (human) models are standing up during their magazine shoots. It's tougher to fill an entire magazine cover with a dog on all fours because they're frankly not as elongated as a Glamazon supermodel!

dog magazine cover

This pup had a great attitude, and was probably easier to work with than a real cover girl human. She gave this big smile and I caught it at just the right angle to fit the shot I envisioned.

The best part of these fun shots like magazine covers or movie posters is coming up with puns or witty fake articles or reviews. I flexed my creative muscle on this - I think my favorite "article" is "Intruder or Mailman? How to spot danger!"

I had this cover in mind mostly due to the title of the magazine - Cosmopawlitan. I have some fun ideas I'm reserving for future clients' magazine covers.

This week on the 52 Week Pet Photography Challenge we're featuring bold colors - check out this take on the theme here: Kim with BARKography on location in Corona del Mar, CA - if you keep clicking through all the blog posts then you'll wind up back here.

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