PetPeople Bark-B-Q

We'll be back at PetPeople for a limited edition run of summer photos. PetPeople Westerville is hosting its second annual Bark-B-Q on August 5th. We're helping raise money for RescuedOhio and there will be lots of fun dog-themed activities! We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!

dog photography columbus ohio

Here is Colby modeling our new nautical plaid backdrop. It's making its debut at the Bark-B-Q and we love how fresh and summery it looks.


I look at that photo of Colby lying down waiting on a treat and I can just hear the THUD and FWACK as she throws herself on the floor each time ready to get the treat or peanut butter. She's forceful about it and not the least bit subtle or graceful.

Colby actually hates having her picture taken, but no one can tell by looking at this happy face! She knows how to work her angles like a pro and get it done fast to earn her treats and get out of doing more work!

Here's one more photo that just makes me laugh. She looks so innocent when I'm certain she's plotting her next move. It's amazing to me how food-motivated she is. Squeakers and noise makers do zero to get her attention.

Here's the official Bark-B-Q flyer. Look at Ziggy in the chef's hat that matches Tom's hat! Ziggy was featured on my blog for the Easter session. I love that the photo PetPeople selected of Ziggy included the drool hanging down. I guess Ziggy is hungry for barbeque!


We'll be at PetPeople Westerville on Saturday the 5th from noon to 4pm. Come out for fun summer portraits of your dogs or cats and help support RescuedOhio in its mission to find "furever homes" for homeless pets in our area.