Bird's eye view

This week's blog challenge theme is Bird's Eye View, which is a shot I often try* with dogs. It's popular because it's neat to get a shallow depth of field and really focus on just the eyes. One client told me she loves her bird's eye view angled photo so much because that's the position she sees her dog in every day as he waits for treats. (*I try it but sometimes with a very big dog there's not enough clearance unless I find a bench nearby to stand on!)

dog photography columbus ohio

This is Willie. He was in a shelter from birth until age 5. Five years old! He's now 13 and has spent the last eight years with his family living the good life. He didn't know how to play with a ball or wag his tail or bark at the mailman like a typical dog.

Willie usually has a very serious look on his face most of the time and walks with his head down kind of looking like he's moping a little, and one of the reasons I love the bird's eye view is that is makes the dog's mouth often fall open and creates a bit of a smile. Now that's a happy look from this sweet senior! I'll post more from Willie's session in a future blog entry. This one was too perfect for this week's theme not to share right away.

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