Big sky dog photography

This week in the 52-week pet photography challenge the theme is "Sky" and this first photo alone is one of my favorites for the dramatic sunset and sweeping colorful clouds overhead.  Look at these two gorgeous hunting dogs!

dog photography columbus ohio

Some dogs are treat-motivated. Some praise-motivated. Some toy-motivated. These two beautiful German short-haired pointers were ball-motivated. BALL! They never got tired of the ball squeaking or the ball being tossed. Their mom even said it was a good thing no kids playing sports were around because we'd have lost them.


We started out a little before sunset to make sure we got the wiggles out. Basil is 9 and Penny is 7. Basil, on the right, has so much energy.


I loved how they both turned to bask in the sun as it went down. It was 74 and mostly sunny today. It couldn't have been a nicer evening for doggie portraits!


These two were a little distracted at times but I think it added to the photos because we got some long, lean lines as their heads turned.


One last shot to share for now. I love how Penny's profile points right toward the setting sun. Appropriate for a German short-haired pointer!

If you're visiting for the 52-week challenge, see another "Sky" portrait from Cahlean, the dog photographer of About A Dog Photography. Keep clicking through the links and you'll find your way back here.

Want to have your own dog photographed under big sweeping skies in Westerville like Penny and Basil? I'd love to talk to you! Contact me now!