Senior dog Puppy

Is the title of this blog post confusing? It needs explanation. This is Puppy. His name is actually Puppy. It's been over a decade since he was a puppy, but he sure still looks like one!


Puppy is a 13-year-old mixed breed. His family says they think he is part Chihuahua. After they said that, I can see the Chihuahua in him. I also definitely see a bit of papillon. It's those butterfly-shaped ears. I love how that shape and how alert Puppy looks.

columbus dog photography

What a funny, happy dog Puppy is. He did such a good job holding the perfect pose!

We were at the Grange Scioto Audobon Metro Park in downtown Columbus. The view across the Scioto river is wonderful at sunset. Unfortunately there are no safety rails around the boat dock, so it makes me a little nervous to think of taking a dog's portraits there. I love sunset photographs of my furry clients, but that location may not work for those - safety first!


One last silly shot of Puppy being playful in the grass. I would never guess he's a senior dog. He just seemed like an exceptionally well-mannered little boy. He's great!

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