Raining cats and dogs

We are settling down from a crazy storm with driving rain and howling wind and hail. I was looking out the window when our dog started scratching my leg. I bent over and she literally leaped into my arms and stayed there. I walked around the house cradling her in the crook of my arm like an infant, and she was so content to just be held.

I thought my baby days were over!! Here's hoping the weather takes it easy on us. I really don't want to be that crazy pet owner who swaddles her dog.*

*This reminds me of a conversation about dogs a couple years ago. A coworker asked if I was "one of those people who dresses their dog in clothes." Oh no, I scoffed. I wouldn't do that...I mean aside from a sweater when she's cold. And of course her Halloween costume. And the Christmas pajamas that match mine. None of those things count, right?