Pet People Christmas portraits

columbus dog photography

This November and December I'm making the rounds to all nine of the Pet People stores in and around Columbus doing Christmas mini sessions. Each mini session date benefits a different local animal charity. Our first date was in Pickerington and we partnered with Canine Collective. Here is a beautiful service dog named Amara.

I made the wooden sign, which says "The North Paw" and "Santa's Woofshop." The third arrow is blank and points to the doggie subject of the portrait. In this case Amara is perfectly posed. She is a red tri Australian shepherd and only one year old. She amazed us because she went from happy playful pup (my husband got a BIG SLURP from his chin to his forehead from this one) to an all-business service dog.


Amara is ready for her close-up.

I almost forgot to mention my very favorite new prop - the bows! My mother-in-law is super talented at decorating and wrapping gifts. She came over to my house and brought her fancy contraption that makes bows quickly. We were furiously wrapping empty boxes and tying them with ribbon and making bows up until the last minute. Never in a million years would I have picked a gold deer print wrapping paper to go with a red polka-dotted ribbon, but boy it looks lovely. I think that combination is my favorite. We had such a good time coming up with these props. We're already planning our Christmas sets for next year, so stay tuned!