Newborn session with older sibling

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I had so much to say about Ryan that I needed a Part II! I love little boys anyway, but this one especially grabbed my heart. He has so much personality. I almost can't handle his sweet and rambunctious nature. So much energy!!


When his mom was tending to his newborn brother during our long session, Ryan took a break for lunch and I had the chance to grab some sweet portraits in the kitchen. Here he is with his Grandpa in the background. What an expression!


His mother, Jessica, didn't know that I had taken these shots of him until our ordering session. She kept smiling at this picture of him eating his green bean saying, "That's Ryan! That is Ryan!"


Jessica's mother said I totally captured Ryan's personality in this shot with his green bean. It's so good to hear that!

Here is Ryan with baby Colin. He's not so sure about his little brother.