Max the Rottweiler puppy

I spent the evening with a dog in need. Max is a 9-month-old Rottweiler and was just days away from being put down at the shelter when a rescue stepped in and got him into foster care. Max has a pocket of fluid on his spine and needs surgery. Other than a bit of an odd gait, you wouldn't know that Max has these health issues. He is a happy goofy boy who LOVES sticks and branches in his foster family's yard. Look at this funny face!


He runs and plays and sniffs and licks and brings over his ball like any other puppy. I am happy to share his lovely photographs. What a neat pup and I hope he heals quickly and gets into a forever home soon.


Max is such an obedient dog. Even though he doesn't know stay or lie down yet, he knows sit and he automatically listened very well. So even though he didn't know what we were saying, it seemed he picked up on the tenor of our voices to stay or play or whatever we told him.


He's such a happy soul. He does have a bit of a struggle walking regularly, but boy that doesn't stop his sweet little pup from running and chasing toys. Usually I find that dogs are very food-motivated, so treats are the best things ever to them. Max is stick-motivated! He just loved the small branches in the yard. Even when I would hold up his toy and tease him with it next to my camera lens, he would stay until I said he could have it. He may not know the words yet but he's well on his way to being fully obedience-trained.


These eyes. Those are truly puppy dog eyes. That's the face of a sweet boy who wants his forever home.


Max can't stop smiling!


I certainly enjoyed our evening of fun together, Max. I hope someone sees your handsome face and adds you to their family right away.

If anyone wants to help Max, please check out The Dog Loft. He is being fostered by the family that owns this grooming company in southwest Columbus. Their website is here.