Look who wanted to be included

During this maternity shoot I asked Sarah to relax on the bed for some very sweet images of her lovingly gazing at her baby bump. We got a few great shots when through my viewfinder I saw a white blur pop up.

lewis center family dog photography

Yep, little fluffball Maisie wanted to be in the shot. As I've mentioned before, I LOVE when dogs interact with their people. (I would say 'their owners' but that sounds so stuffy or formal. They're family.)  Maisie is a bichon and reminds me a lot of my own dog, who is very curious and needs to investigate everything that I do.

look who wanted to be included

Some dogs feel the need to photobomb a session. At least Maisie faced the camera! I wrote before about a dachshund who showed his rear end to me and refused to turn around. Nothing like getting mooned by a wiener dog!

look who wanted to be included-2

Back to Maisie. She is so sweet and clearly loves people - especially HER people. Look at her getting some fun belly rubbing action from Sarah. After our session was finished I had to take a couple minutes to rub Maisie's belly too.

There's something about little white dogs that draws me to them. My own poodle was brown as a puppy and turned white. Her skin even changes color from pink to black throughout the year. She is part poodle, part chameleon.

My grandparents had a white poodle who chewed bubble gum and loved hamburgers. My husband's family had a white poodle, too. That's why it's so funny to me that our brown poodle turned white. Maybe she knew that we had a tradition of white dogs in the family.

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