In-home portrait


Many of my sessions take place in the home, which is always a fun and creative challenge for me because it's a brand new environment to me and it's where the clients feel most comfortable. Plus it's a good excuse to clean the house before a photographer comes in to take pictures, right?

Jan's portrait took place with natural light in the afternoon. No studio lights or modifiers needed. The set-up couldn't have been simpler and I used my favorite lens to create a pleasing background blur so you can still tell it's a kitchen inside the home but it makes the subject pop.

I love the way Jan's face stands out. A good portrait should draw you into the subject, both with lighting and how the shot is set up. It helps to not wear something distracting like a graphic t-shirt or a neon dress. Black really is so simple and will never go out of style.

I knew Jan's dark sweater and dark hair next to the cabinets would be just the contrast needed, and I made sure to position my camera so I'd have her head framed by the tops of the cabinets for a pleasing halo effect.

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