I got wolf-whistled!

Is it wolf-whistled or cat-called? I'm not sure of the proper terminology.

I was photographing a wedding on Saturday evening and the ceremony had just concluded and cocktail hour was about to start. The ceremony part was being transformed into a beautiful location for the reception. The guests were milling about outside a different area and I was rushing to get inside the cocktail hour to photograph the hor d'oeurves and signature cocktails.

On the bench outside the cocktail area there was a little boy about eight or nine years old who was sitting with his father, playing on dad's phone. He must have been playing with ringtones or some kind of noisemakers. As I passed by him, I heard an electronic wolf whistle!

The little boy was turning beet red but smiling at me. I paused and said, "Thanks for that! I'm married, but thanks!" His grandparents nearby starting cracking up.

I have no idea if it was intentional or just a coincidence. If he was any older it wouldn't have been as funny. The things kids do! This was also the wedding in which the flower girl was standing next to the bride and waved to the audience the ENTIRE time. It cracked me up.