Dublin Pet Fair

Browning Photo was at the Dublin Pet Fair and it was so busy that I didn't get a chance to look around very much. To everyone who stopped by and said hi, thanks! It was a fun day and so many dogs came over to get hugs from my husband and me.

columbus dog photography

(Side note: Our own dog is not on speaking terms with us now, thanks to us smelling like 50 different animals that we fawned over at the fair. Oh she still accepted dinner and a treat, but she wasn't thrilled.)

Excuse the cell phone photo. I only had a second away from my booth near the end of the day and wish I had been there when dogs were giving kisses! Actually there was a charity named Milo's Wish and Milo himself was present. Milo was hit by a car and had to have one leg amputated and now he helps raise funds for the organization that saved his life. I bought a baseball cap to help the cause and the Milo's Wish folks offered me some free Milo kisses with my purchase!


Here's the set-up for today. We had a great time! We hope the fair continues to get bigger and better every year!