"Never work with animals or children"

W.C. Fields is credited with the advice "Never work with animals or children." A lot of photographers agree with this statement, but not me! Bring on the kids and dogs. I can't get enough of them. Yes, children and pets present a different set of challenges than most photography subjects. They can be excited and want to move around a lot. They may completely ignore any directions you give them. But they also give facial expressions or body language that cannot be predicted or ever duplicated. Those sweet moments make for the very best photos.

This photo is a real crowd-pleaser. This picture always gets tons of compliments. I took this on my new wide-angle lens and really paid attention to the lighting so I could get almost a silhouette look so the hair on the baby and the poodle would be highlighted and make their profiles really stand out.

Sometimes I take a photo and I just know it's going to be a hit. For this one, as soon as I saw the screen on my camera, I knew instantly this would be a keeper, for sure! The lighting, the position of the poodle and the baby, the connection between their eyes, and the begging body language on the dog make for a really expressive photograph.

It's never easy to work with unpredictable subjects like dogs or toddlers but goodness, when I can manage to pull off a good shot like this, parents and dog owners know how special it is to capture that split-second interaction.