Dog or puppy?

Colby is a three year old poodle mix who loves to be outside and explore every bird, squirrel, and rabbit she can spot. She's technically an adult dog but boy she has the energy and curiosity of a puppy. Look at this action shot of Colby in the yard.


Colby is FAST. She is also a sweet dog and loves every creature she encounters - humans, other dogs, and rabbits. Last week, Colby caught a rabbit. After years of whimpering at the back door watching the bunnies in the yard, Colby took off after one. I hear that she cornered it by the fence and caught the rabbit in her mouth and didn't know what to do with it. She let it go almost immediately and the terrified bunny scampered off unhurt.

For Colby it's all about the thrill of the chase.

More pictures of this sweet girl.

dog or puppy
dog or puppy2

I love how these action shots show Colby's ears waving in the air as she runs. Normally they flop down like a cocker spaniel. These ears sticking straight up in the air make her look like a little white bunny rabbit herself.

dog or puppy3

One last one of Colby sprinting a bit faster than I expected right toward me. I shot these with a very long telephoto zoom lens and she ran so fast that I lost track of her for a second!

dog or puppy4

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