Dog in the cat tower

Karmen is a regular at PetPeople. She was entertaining everyone with tricks and I turned to grab my camera. I turned back to snap a picture of her and didn't see her! Where was Karmen?

dog photography columbus ohio

I have never seen anything like this. What an acrobat - Karmen climbed the tower with the greatest of ease.

I was talking to an employee later and loved her comment on this photo - "PetPeople's cat towers are so nice even dogs love them!"

Here's another shot of Karmen being hilarious. She can weave in and out of her owner's legs and do all kinds of agility moves. I'd actually photographed Karmen dock diving a long time ago and didn't realize it! She certainly gets around town!

dog in the cat tower 1

Karmen backed herself up to the cash register and stood on her front legs and scooted back further against the counter. I love this look she's giving me, like "What, isn't this completely normal?"