Dog: Boy's best friend

A while back I noticed that all of my favorite photographs have a common theme - they show the relationship between family members, whether it is Mom cradling her baby, a sister hugging her brother, or the little ones bonding with their grandparents.

The same is true for furry family members. I love the interaction between people and their pets, so I was more than happy to accommodate Liam's request for his picture taken with his dog, Joey.

This is such a sweet moment between them that almost didn't happen. Joey is a little indifferent to Liam (I have a dog like that myself - one who's only interested in children when they're eating something!) so we had to work fast while Joey held still.


I love this picture of Liam in both color and black and white - it is so hard to choose! I gave both versions to his parents and they can decide. I also added "Puppy Love" as an overlay in Photoshop and gave them the plain version.


It makes me laugh, especially because I know how my own dog is with my child. At one point Liam hugged his dog and declared solemnly, "Joey's my best friend." Meanwhile Joey was scoping out his escape path away from us! It just makes the good pictures of the two of them all the more special.

One last one for now.

His family loves these pictures of them together. It really highlights the dynamic of that relationship.