Developments in Lewis Center

There is exciting news about different developments in Lewis Center, our quiet suburb north of Columbus. In the next year we expect an Ikea near Polaris and a commercial and residential area to be established in "downtown" Lewis Center. Right now it is a small collection of buildings and a handful of businesses. I plan to get out and photograph the cornfields and corner store so I can one day show my grandchildren "Look at how much this place has grown!"

The same thing happened in the suburb where I grew up. I remember it was literally cornfields and empty plots of land. Now it's a booming area with lots of commercial development. I'd love to have a photo of the same intersection, which is now heavily congested with traffic and businesses dotting the streets. It is the opposite of a ghost town.

Just sharing that it's a good idea to take pictures of the everyday, mundane things like unpopulated areas, because our memories will fade and the photos will amaze us. I'm betting Delaware County - Lewis Center especially - grows significantly in the coming years.