Czar the German Shepherd

I've photographed German Shepherds before, but none as totally focused and alert and ready to model as Czar. He is still a puppy too! Well technically he's an adult at one and a half years old, and his ears are up so he has reached adulthood, but other than his ears he still looks like a sweet pup to me.

I find it fascinating that German Shepherds' ears are floppy and the ends folded down until they are toward the end of their puppyhood or when they are finished teething. The way my poodle chews, I think she still may be teething at age three - but her ears are always floppy so there's no way of telling with poodles. I like the GSD for their unparalleled focus on getting the job done, whether that's searching for someone to rescue, finding contraband, or just plain modeling for a camera.

columbus dog photography

Here is Czar looking awesome at sunset. I pointed where I wanted him and he trotted over, got into place, and all I needed was one shot. Perfect! I never get that lucky. It was the German Shepherd in him. My husband saw this portrait and wanted to hear all about Czar and then proceeded to tell me how much he loves GSDs and wants one. I might want one after working with this good boy!