Columbus Pet Expo

Some exciting news ahead...are you ready? We're SO EXCITED. Look at Colby's excited face... (drumroll...)

columbus dog photography

We always knew Colby is our little superstar, and now she's making for her television debut!

The ladies from the Pet Connections Pet Expo that takes place this weekend in Columbus talked to Good Day Marketplace's Alissa Henry and showed off Colby in her Halloween costume to promote the expo. Colby's segment airs tomorrow (Friday) at 10 am on our local Fox station.


Colby was a little nervous about being on television for the first time. She felt better when she found out this was pre-taped, just in case she messed up any of her lines.


Colby did a great job being held by a new person she'd never met. Colby didn't lick the microphone (that I saw) and only needed one take. Success!

Colby has a lot of strong opinions on important topics like the upcoming presidential election, the economy, and foreign policy. I'm just glad she stuck to her script.

Way to go, Colby! I'm so proud!