Coco's adoption anniversary part 2

Click here for the first part of Coco's anniversary portraits!

I have to start with this picture of Coco and her person. (I read someone calling a dog's owner the dog's "person" and I love that phrase now.) Coco was a wee bit rambunctious and I captured a quick moment of them trying to settle down a bit. I love this expression on both their faces. Noses touching, mirroring one another.

Of course I gave the option of color as well as black and white...the contrast for these candids just feels like a documentary photography so I lean toward black and white for those.


Here's Coco's formal portrait. I won't lie, there was bribery. This girl loves her some peanut butter!

coco's adoption anniversary part 2

Look at her eyes pleading for more peanut butter! This girl wants her reward badly. She deserves all of the treats after being such a sweetie pie for me.

coco's adoption anniversary part 2-2

And here Coco settled in for just a second. That was all I needed to get this comical shot of her in the grass. This family had recently moved...and I mean recently! They'd been in their new house for all of 48 hours when we did our photo shoot. They'd been in a different house in Columbus with a tiny backyard, so Coco was living the life in a bigger backyard with lots of room to romp and be a silly puppy.

After photographing four dogs in one weekend, I wound up with so many bug bites and bruises all up and down my legs. But for portraits like this? that their families will enjoy forever? Yep, totally worth the pain. Banged up legs are temporary, but these photographs are a permanent representation of the perfect night in Coco's young life. And I already received the nicest review...

"Lisa was an absolute delight to work with. I was looking for a photographer to click professional pictures of my one-year-old black lab puppy, Coco, to celebrate our first adoptiversary, and I'm glad I chose Lisa! From setting up the date for the shoot to giving ideas for props and advice to prepare for the shoot, she was extremely professional and accommodating. I also appreciate that she took the time before the shoot to get Coco comfortable with her, and lots of treats and encouragement produced the most adorable pictures that we will cherish forever!"

Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Or just looking for an excuse to be photographed with your best bud? I love dogs, if you can't tell. Contact me now to get on the schedule for portraits!