Coco's adoption anniversary part 1

Coco is about one and a half years old, and she was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. She is pure ENERGY. Holy cow. What a runner she is. Correction, what a sprinter. She has the most light-footed (light-pawed?) elegant glide in her run. It's like she has springs inside those little legs!

Here's a sign of Coco with her human. It says "What do you mean I'm adopted? I look just like my mommy!" Hilarious!!


Coco is part black lab, part pit bull. She doesn't look like a pit, but she has that white stripe across her chest that indicates pit. Personally I think she could be part gazelle. This dog could leap and bound across the yard like no other.

coco's adoption anniversary

Look at this face! I love that happy look of curiosity and whimsy that only a grinning dog can give. Coco's mom goes all out for Coco's birthday, with a custom dog cake (peanut butter, of course) and party celebrating the birthday girl. And for her adoption anniversary - which she's calling "the first adoptiversary" - she hired a professional photographer to document their awesome bond on a warm summer evening. LOVE that.

coco's adoption anniversary 2

More photos to come! We got some great dramatic lighting for the big night :) Stay tuned!