Feisty little Justine at Highbanks

Just look at Justine. This child is ALL PERSONALITY. Her mama told me beforehand that she is feisty and boy, she is right!

This family and I had an awesome hour in the late afternoon at Highbanks Metro Park in Lewis Center. It's a favorite park of mine because it's so big and has a lot of acreage to explore. The lighting was soft and lovely and it was just warm enough out to be comfortable. I love taking pictures as far away as possible from high noon, when the sun is highest and casts the harshest shadows on faces. Either early morning or late afternoon is really the best time of day. Photographers often talk about "golden hour," which is the optimal time of day for flattering lighting. But I don't need to talking about lighting too much when it comes to a little girl like this. That smile could light up the whole park. So on to the pictures!

Justine was wearing the cutest pink puffer vest with little silver snowflakes. I can't believe she's only two years old. This child can TALK! She was all over the place looking for squirrels and wanted to find a purple squirrel. I asked this purple squirrel's name she was searching for and she said, "Barry." Hee!


Justine was cracking me up the whole time we spent together. I had to make sure to click my shutter a few extra times for each shot I wanted because I could feel myself shaking with laughter. Clearly Justine brought her A-game. This kid is a born performer! These photos are some of my favorites because her sweet little face is so animated. Justine is a ball of energy!

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