Choosing the right Lewis Center photographer for you

Living between Columbus and Delaware, I know that there are a zillion photographers you could pick. Lewis Center alone has at least a quarter of a zillion, roughly. So what should you look for in a photographer?

Obviously, images are important! Look at the portfolio and see if those pictures appeal to you. Do you look at all the images and think, "Wow, I would love to have a picture like that hanging in my living room"?

Even though you can't see your family's images in a photographer's portfolio, you should be able to get a sense of the photographer's aesthetic. Personally, I favor clean, crisp images where the subject pops, and I strive to photograph and edit my images to keep in that aesthetic.

HERE IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BROWNING PHOTO - you get to see your images before you order your photographs. After you put down a small sitting fee and we have our photo shoot, your images are transformed to perfection using the latest digital software technology for photography. We meet again at an ordering session and that's your chance to view your precious images and decide which photos will look most fabulous in your home.

There are a zillion photographers in the Delaware County / Columbus corridor and we all have very different styles. You want to find a photographer whose sample images make you excited to envision your own loved ones getting photographed. Browning Photo is different because you see your images BEFORE you purchase any prints or order a digital collection.

Bottom line - I want you to be thrilled with the final product and want to come back for future sessions.

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