All in Pink for Mother's Day at Highbanks

I will mention this family in a later post about shy kids. Having a pretty cautious child, I know how it takes a little longer for some kids to warm up to strangers. You can see the progression from left to right of the girls getting happier and more excited to wander around Lewis Center looking for squirrels. Aren't the pink dresses darling? Normally I'd say a hot pink is a bold choice, but it was perfect for this girly Mother's Day fun day.


We spent our session at Highbanks Metro Park in Lewis Center, in southern Delaware County, and it was a beautiful day with gorgeous green scenery. The matching dresses were so much fun. Everyone was in pink, even mom in pink shorts!

Alaina said these are some of the best pictures she has of the girls. I can't wait to see them again in the future to see how they've grown!

I talk more about getting shy kids warmed up in a later blog post - click HERE.

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