Boys at Highbanks

This family isn't from Lewis Center but I recommended Highbanks for their family photo shoot because it's so darn green and idyllic just about year round.


The last time I was in this clearing, almost all of the leaves were on the ground. We were there so early that I realized it was super dark from the thick tree canopy! Luckily I came prepared with my favorite lighting and everything went off without a hitch. I couldn't believe it was so bright outside and so dark inside the woods! It's good to be prepared for anything.

boys at highbanks-1

Here's the boys with their cowboy hats. These two kept me in stitches. They gave me a good education on everything from zombies to video games to poison ivy. They are typical goofy boys but when it came time to pose they were pros! I think Mom had them practice.

boys at highbanks-2

Sleepy heads! As soon as the blanket went down they were ready for a nap. They had traveled quite far to get to our early-morning shoot. But there was a promise (bribe?) of Bob Evans at the end, so they kept perking up when we talked about pancakes.

boys at highbanks-3

Like me, they're big fans of the whipped cream that Bob Evans puts on their special pancakes. They prefer chocolate chip, whereas I'm a strawberry fan. Agree to disagree!

These were my test shots for my lighting that actually came out great!

I grabbed the nearest kid to be my victim - I mean volunteer - for the lighting.

Mom told him he was "being voluntold" to stand still for me. I love it!

boys at highbanks-4

I'm going to use that with my husband. He's going to be 'voluntold' to be my test subject in the future too!

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