Baron the rescue dog, part 2

This picture is so dramatic and fun that it deserved its own post. Read Baron part 1 here.


Doesn't he look like a Mighty Dog? It's a sunset so I was facing west and Baron just gave me exactly what I wanted. Baron is a mutt and a rescue, and he was actually afraid of cameras. At one point he got pretty skittish but we worked it out and he turned into one of the best dogs I've worked with. He was such a cooperative dog when treats were involved! The Trader Joe's treats that look like beef jerky are always a hit. The little girl in his family kept sniffing them saying they smelt so yummy. I think she might be part puppy!

baron part 2

Don't make me choose between these two photographs! One, I love for his head in the air like a superhero. This second one I love because his tongue is out and he's smiling for the camera, which his family never expected he would do.

baron part 2-2

Slurp! Peanut butter is delicious!

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